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LED advantage analysis

Datetime: 2018-01-01    Visit: 3326
Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Anhui and other places continue to appear hazy weather, Shandong and other enterprises with high-pressure pump to inject sewage into the ground resulting in groundwater pollution, these information has rekindled everyone's attention to the natural environment, green, environmental protection, energy saving even more Not empty talk and talk, and with the light of incandescent and LED lights, LED lighting is clearly more environmentally friendly features.
Relative to LED lighting, incandescent light bulbs only 5% luminous efficiency, the remaining 95% are converted into calorie consumption. The environmentally friendly energy-saving LED lights not only turn on the light when the luminous efficiency, long life, and can also save 90% of the electricity, more importantly, it does not contain mercury and other toxic substances.
LED is mainly used for information display billboards, traffic lights traffic lights, commercial lighting, table lamps and other general lighting and military lighting and medical surgical lights and smart lighting. As technology advances and social trends, people also want to give LED lighting to fashion and art, and fluorescent and incandescent lamps in this area is unmatched.
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