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Warning light application

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A warning light is a light that emits light in one or several colors for a variety of environmental conditions. Some warning lights are also fitted with sound components that give a large volume of audible alarm.
Warning light source and features introduced

1 light bulb
According to the current through the resistance wire luminescence, usually using spiral tungsten wire, and in the bulb into the inert gas
The use of voltage than the rated voltage of the lamp 10% lower life expectancy 4 times, while the power consumption as low as 85%, a decrease of about 30%
The use of voltage increased 10, 30% shorter life expectancy, power consumption increased by about 16%, brightness increased by about 40%. The standard lamp life of about 1000-1500 hours

LED light emitting diode is the use of semiconductor light-emitting effect of the solid-state light-emitting devices, and general semiconductor, LED life by the voltage, ambient temperature and other factors, but not as a lamp as the filament volatilized slowly and will not There are mechanical wear, so no characteristics of the seismic structure can also impact, vibration, and long life. In addition, the high photoelectric conversion efficiency of LED, energy-saving longevity are mostly Xe gas, xenon lamp hence the name
Xenon bulbs can be fixed with seismic method, good shock resistance. The Xenon lamp emits a spectrum that is close to natural light and works in the same flash as a camera flash, making it highly visible.
Warning light application
After years of development, the warning lights have been widely used in dozens of industries such as electricity, machinery, metallurgy, mining, security, transportation, water treatment, food, packaging, construction, port and textile.
Warning light selection
According to the purpose of use and work environment and other factors, the choice of warning lights should mainly consider the following factors:
Ambient brightness of the situation
Distance from the observation point
Light source life and cost of use
The use of the environment noisy, pollution levels, and whether there is a strong vibration or impact
Light source damage and other unexpected problems for the security impact
Ease of use and maintenance
Different use requirements and environmental characteristics should choose a different product, but the ease of maintenance and economic things to consider all occasions.

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