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Warning light product installation and use cautions

Datetime: 2018-01-01    Visit: 5076
To prevent fire, electric shock, crashes and other injuries occur, the user must pay attention to the following matters!
• Installation, construction, maintenance must first cut off the power, after the operation.
• There must be no open flame around the product location. Working environment temperature = <55 ℃.
• The power cord must meet safe operating standards.
• Installation base, installation and connection must be reliable and stable.
• The product installation and maintenance should be carried out by professionals.
Products can be assembled by users using different components. But must be the same voltage level, different voltage levels can not mix mixed use!
• The power supply voltage must comply with the product voltage.
• Construction and maintenance according to the instructions provided wiring.
In order to ensure the warning light striking, please note the following:
• The housing needs to be cleaned frequently with a soft cloth to prevent dust and dirt from getting out of the way.
• Avoid contact with chemical solvents as much as possible, to avoid surface erosion and hair loss, affecting light transmission.
• The device must be grounded securely to prevent damage from static electricity.
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