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A relay serves as a control device for LED light bars and other electrical components. Its primary purpose is to allow a low-current circuit (typically a switch in your vehicle's cabin) to control ...
1 Lamp electrical performance When the LED street lamp works under the nominal rated power supply voltage and rated frequency, the difference between the actual power consumption and the rated powe...
Whether or not you need a relay for an LED bar depends on the specific requirements and electrical characteristics of the LED bar and the vehicle or system it's being installed in. Here are some fa...
A red light on an emergency light could indicate various things depending on the specific type of emergency light and its intended purpose. Here are a few possible interpretations:Charging or Charg...
Emergency lighting typically uses specific colors to convey different messages and meanings, depending on the context and the type of emergency. Here are the common colors used in emergency lightin...
Surface-mounted LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) are compact electronic devices that emit light when an electric current passes through them. They are designed to be directly mounted onto the surface o...
LED headlights come in various types and configurations to suit different vehicles and lighting preferences. Here are some common types of LED headlights:LED Bulb Conversion Kits: These are retrofi...
Fully compliant with CE, SAE, E-MARK and other standards, and tested in accordance with ECE R65, R10, R48 (Europe) and SAEJ595, J845 (United States) standards,Fully guarantee product quality .
Our Advantages:Strictly screen raw material suppliers and adhere to using the best raw materials, such as LED tubes, high-quality aluminum alloy materials, Bayer PC plastic from Germany, high-quali...
Our optical lenses have undergone scientific design and research, and are certified to various international standards such as SAE, ECE R65 R10, and more. Adopting high-quality polycarbonate and ac...
At first, there were only two colors of red and green. Later, after improvement, a yellow light was added. The red light means stop, the yellow light means preparation, and the green light means passa
● The transparent lampshade is made of imported polycarbonate injection, with high strength and good light transmission.

●High-power LED street lights have a long service life, with a light source li
Loudspeakers can be seen in sound-producing electronic and electrical equipment. The loudspeaker is what we usually call a horn. It is a transducer device that converts electrical signals into acousti
The types of traffic lights can be roughly divided into warning lights and combined warning lights. Single-type warning lights have single-type single-light warning lights. Among them, the combined...
According to the regulations of the Ministry of Public Security on the installation and use of alarms and sign lamps for special vehicles: Except for special vehicles, other vehicles are not allowed t
1. Look at the solder joints

The LED strips produced by regular LED strip manufacturers are produced using SMT patch technology, solder paste and reflow soldering processes. Therefore, the solder joi
① The width of the four-line lamp is about 22mm, the thickness is about 8mm, and the weight is about 0.25kg/m (4 meters per kilogram)

② The four-wire light strip has four wires, three rows of lights
● The transparent lampshade is made of imported polycarbonate injection, with high strength and good light transmission.

●High-power LED street lights have a long service life, with a light source li
The ambulance alarm speaker is an essential component of an ambulance's warning system. This device produces a loud and distinctive sound that alerts other drivers and pedestrians to the presence of a
The LED Traffic Advisor Strobe Light Bar is a lighting device used on emergency vehicles and utility trucks to enhance their visibility and alert other drivers of their presence on the road. It is des

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