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Which Types Of Traffic Signal Light Manufacturers Are Classified According To The Type Of Light Sour

The types of traffic lights can be roughly divided into warning lights and combined warning lights. Single-type warning lights have single-type single-light warning lights. Among them, the combined warning light sound component signal indicator is also called alarm light and signal light. There are many types and a wide range of uses.

There are a variety of light source types for traffic lights for users to choose. LED, super bright LED, incandescent lamp and xenon lamp. Among them, the brightness of super bright LED is more than 3 times that of ordinary LED, and there are more colors to choose from. For example, in pure white, pure green and pure blue, the service life is also greatly extended, and it can run for 100,000 hours under normal conditions, eliminating the need for routine maintenance.


1. Incandescent lamp type

Incandescent lamp is an electric light source that energizes and heats the filament to an incandescent state, and emits visible light by using thermal radiation. The incandescent lamp is mainly composed of glass bulb, filament, wire, sensing column, lamp cap, etc. When the incandescent lamp is working, the temperature of the glass bulb can reach about 100°C. The filament is made of tungsten wire, which is much thinner than the hair, made into a spiral. It looks like the filament is very short, but it actually draws this extremely thin spiral tungsten filament into a straight line.

2. LED warning light

LED warning lights are made of light-emitting diodes, so the photoelectric conversion efficiency is very high. It is an energy-saving and long-life lamp type, and is currently widely used in the market. The life of the LED is affected by factors such as overvoltage and ambient temperature, but it will not gradually become thinner due to the volatilization of the filament like a light bulb, and there will be no mechanical wear. Therefore, the anti-seismic structure without special features can resist shock, vibration and has a long life .

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