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Venus Light Bar

3 kinds of lens
wire control
Venus-Ⅰ(6 LED lens)
Venus-Ⅱ(4 LED lens)
Venus-Ⅲ(3 LED reflect lens)
product details


The Venus Light Bar is an innovative product that is designed to bring a unique and stylish touch to any home or business. It is a premium quality, LED light bar that can be installed easily and is perfect for a range of applications. The Venus Light Bar has been crafted with attention to detail, and it comes with an extensive range of features and benefits that can add significant value to any establishment. In this article, we will discuss the various aspects of the Venus Light Bar that make it a great product for merchants looking to update their inventory.

Product Features:

The Venus Light Bar offers several features that make it a standout product in the market. Firstly, the Venus Light Bar is ultra-slim and portable, which makes it suitable for a range of applications, including under cabinet lighting, stair lighting, cove lighting, and many more. The Venus Light Bar is also waterproof, meaning it provides excellent durability and resilience to moisture damage, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Venus Light Bar comes in a range of color temperatures, from warm white to cool white, making it ideal for creating the desired ambiance in any space. It also provides flicker-free and excellent color rendering, ensuring that colors are displayed accurately, and objects look natural under the light. It is an energy-efficient light source, consuming less power than conventional lighting systems, and it also has a long lifespan, requiring minimal maintenance and replacement.

Installation and Design:

Another excellent feature of the Venus Light Bar is its sleek and minimalist design, which makes it easy to install and aesthetically pleasing. The Venus Light Bar comes with a range of mounting options, including magnetic tapes, screw mounts, and adhesive mounts, making the installation process straightforward. The light bar is also flexible and can be cut to the desired length, making it an ideal solution for any space, no matter how large or small.

Additionally, the Venus Light Bar has a dimming feature, which allows for adjustable brightness levels. The dimming feature is perfect for creating the desired mood and ambience in any space or room, providing a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for users.


In conclusion, the Venus Light Bar is an excellent product for merchants looking to update their inventory. Its unique features, including waterproofing, energy efficiency, and color rendering, make it a standout product in the market. Its sleek and minimalist design, flexible installation, and easy-to-use features make it perfect for a range of applications, from under cabinet lighting to stair lighting, and beyond. It is a high-quality LED light bar that can add significant value to any establishment. Choose the Venus Light Bar for your business today and let it shine.


Model Number :   Venus Light Bar TBD9088


Venus Light Bar is a very commonly used product in cars. It has the function of signal indication, which can improve the safety of driving and pedestrians. It also has a lighting function. When driving at night or on foggy days, it can also improve a certain degree of visibility and allow the front and rear vehicles to see your vehicle more clearly, greatly improving safety. Also, it has a certain decorative effect, which works well when you need to create some ambiance. Our products have multiple LED indicators, you can experience different lighting effects according to the instructions.


1. The Venus Light Bar has a streamlined and very aerodynamic design. Its slim shape is very popular in the market.

2. It adopts advanced LED lens technology and adopts PWM frequency conversion technology, so not only the lighting performance is very good, but it also consumes excessive power.

3. Our products use ABS high light transmission and waterproof shell, coupled with the design of anti-vibration strip, the service life is longer.

4. We offer a variety of models, so you can choose a single-color or two-color model according to your needs.




Venus-Ⅰ(6 LED )1.2M

LED Color

red / yellow /blue /white /green /purple / ice bleu


132pcs   /   3w






Mount Bracket



Flash pattern

40 kinds

LENS Material


Packing size

1260mm L×   320mm W×   140 mm H


DC 10~28V

Product size

1200mm L×   280mm W×   110 mm H

MAX power


Net W / G weight


12 cores sheathed cable :

Thick red wire:   To 10-28V/DC (15A Fuse)

Thick black wire: Ground

Yellow wire: Flash pattern ,(to + 12VDC more than 1 second to next pattern, more than 3 seconds return first pattern ,

Continuously to +12VDC 3 times , all lights steady on.         

White wire:To 10-28V/DC to turn on two white lights in middle in front row lights . second time ,the lights flash , third time turn off the two lights ,then the two lights work with all lights .

Thin red wire: Control front row lights To 10-28V/DC

Blue wire : Left arrow lights of   rear row lights , To 10-28V/DC

Purple wire: Right arrow lights of rear row lights ,To 10-28V/DC

(Lights go from center to both sides when blue wire and purple wires connect to 10-28V/DC together )

Brown wire:MODE 1, To 10-28V/DC                                     

Orange wire :Control rear row lights to 10-28V/DC

Green wire:MODE 2 (It is Prior to MODE1), To 10-28V/DC

Gray wire :Connect to 10-28V/DC first time to turn on both sides alley light , second time to connect 10-28V/DC ,both

alley lights flash ,third time connect to 10-28V/DC   to turn off alley lights . then alley lights work with all lights .

Thin black wire :MODE 3 (It is prior to MODE1 and MODE2), To 10-28V/DC       





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